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Business Impact Optimization for Agencies

Empower your agency analytics with your existing teams.


Help your clients
answer their toughest questions.

Marketers today have a mandate to drive growth for the business.  While that means optimizing performance across every campaign, it also means connecting that performance to impact, brand health and customer loyalty.  Datorama provides the tools and solutions to offer advanced analytics that grow your business.

Conversion Optimization

Drive traffic, downloads, sales and ROI.
Modern media is complex. As an agency you’re client campaign budgets and results are scattered across a myriad of channels and partner technologies– all of which produce their own reports that don’t add up. With Datorama you can automate 80% or more of your data wrangling, while codifying your expertise into a consistent set of KPIs, dashboards, reports and insight paths that deliver more value to your clients, while freeing up your teams to make smarter recommendations.

Brand Health Optimization

Understand perceptions from all angles.
Brand Health today is complex. Customers are changing.Experience is king. Social is your innovation center. Knowing how customers and prospects perceive your client’s brand can inform media strategy, product development and sales and service models. Datorama connects all your signals in one place to see sentiment, search, service, and satisfaction data in one view.

Whitepaper: Optimize Your Marketing Performance

Marketers have a new set of questions to answer, with greater urgency
Do you feel like marketers are facing increasing pressure and responsibility? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening. In Gartner’s latest CMO Spend Survey, marketing budgets climbed to 12% of company revenue. With that rise has come greater accountability, more technology, more lines of business reporting to marketing, and more data.

What parts of your marketing performance do you want to optimize first?

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